Mexican Corn!!

Mexican corn
When the weather gets warmer & corn is available at every store & farmer’s market you go to, it’s time to make this! Eating grilled corn this way totally reminds me of 2 happy moments in life: 1) when I was a kid, a man would sell corn in my neighborhood and slather it with butter, mayo, chili powder & cotija! 2) Eating this with my trouble maker buddies, Jerelynn & Heather in NYC at Cafe Habana. Below is my veganized version of it. Please enjoy and IT MUST BE SERVED WITH A BEER. If you don’t eat this with beer, La Llorona will get you!!!

Servings: 4 corn cobs (I might say this is a serving for one….)

4 ears of corn

Vegan butter

1/4 cup of veganaiseĀ 

Chili powder

Nutritional yeast powder

1 lime

This is how we do:
Grill your corn! While those guys are getting their grill on, mix the following in a small bowl – the veganaise, zest from the lime & the lime juice. Once your corn is done grilling, smother it with some butter and then the veganaise mixture. Dust nutritional yeast & chili powder all around. CHOW DOWN!


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