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Site & Blog Love: Ruche

Recently I came across this VERY cute site – They have the cutest clothes & accessories and do an amazing job of outfitting through their lookbook! Most of their products appear to be vegan (I haven’t found anything that isn’t except for their watches). I recently made a purchase of the below items & my order came within the same week!

They also have a great feature on their site where if you see something that you want but the size is sold out, you can have them email you if it comes back in stock! They also have a VERY cute blog that features all kinds of design inspiration. I found this very cute idea & tutorial on how to use a scarf to add a new twist to a braid.


Instant & Cheap Wardrobe Update: 25 Ways To Wear A Scarf!

Ever wanted to update your wardrobe or add a little extra to your outfit? This video will help you do just that with the scarves you already have!! It’s very inspirational, educational and just all around amazing!! The stylist in the video also has a very cute site you need to check out – Wendy’s Lookbook. I have it officially bookmarked on the YouTube app on my iPhone so I can watch it in the mornings while I get dressed and figure out which style I want to tie my scarf! Can we say upcycle all of your old scarves? 🙂