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Baby Shower Decorations!

Recently I helped my friend Shilpy Holden decorate for her baby shower. She wanted a theme of fuschia & teal to accent the party to welcome her baby girl. Paper poms seem to be the must-have trend for any party and luckily, they’re super easy and affordable to make! Here is an easy video that shows you how! All you need is tissue paper. Target & Walgreens both surprisingly have an amazing array of colors, so it’s not like you have to treck to a craft store to get them. The video instructs using 8 sheets, but I found that using 6 works just as fine!

We also decorated using baby pictures of Shilpy and her hubby Troy. She pasted them on teal & fuschia paper & we strung them up on twine with clothes pins!


I also made party favor bags for her using a mini popcorn bag template which I originally found on this very cute blog – Sweet Little Parties. If ever you need to make a mini treat bag, you should definitely check out the instructions on this blog. I took the original template, changed the reds to fuschia & changed the “popcorn” to a giraffe graphic (Shilpy loves giraffes 🙂 ). Get my revised giraffe template version here.  After printing it out on regular 8×11 paper, I cut the top with special craft scissors to give it a scalloped pattern. I followed the instructions for the original popcorn bag to assemble and boom – instant customized party favor bag!

And here is a picture of Shilpy’s first daughter Chumpy. I had to include her on this post, though it’s random, because she’s just THAT cute. 🙂


Simple Ways To Make A Bouquet!

Flowers are always a great gift to give someone! No matter the occasion – birthday, anniversary, because it’s Monday – it’s a quick and easy way to tell someone, “Hey! I think you’re magical and want to make you smile!” And because making someone smile shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, here’s my trick to affordable yet lovely flowers!

First, you’ll need some flowers. I love to check out Trader Joe’s for flowers as they always have a fun variety & they tend to stick with what’s in season. Like in May, they have tons of AMAZING peonies (my personal favorite). They are also very inexpensive. You can get a couple different bunches of flowers for about 3-4 dollars a piece. To make a fun, full bouquet, I’d recommend getting two different varieties (this usually costs me about $8-9). If you have a special person in mind, quickly think of them and then the first color that comes to mind. That’s usually how I pick the color of flowers or ribbon. 🙂

Next, you’ll need a container. I already previously mentioned storing up on milk glass vases in a previous post. Or If you have a glass vase, you can punch it up by adding a very vibrant and colorful ribbon.

Here I added a contrasting ribbon to two different bunches I purchased & reassembled.  If you buy a premixed bouquet, get an additional bunch of carnations! Carnations are totally underrated! They are absolutely beautiful and have been given a bad rap!  They’re a great way to add contrasting pops of colors to your bouquet.

If you don’t have a vase available, eat some spaghetti! Yes, you heard me right. The next time you eat some pasta with sauce, SAVE YOUR PASTA SAUCE JAR! It’s the best vase you can find around the house! The rustic look is VERY in right now and you’re upcycling which makes you an even better person (you’re already a good person because you’re getting someone a bouquet).

Here are some images of flowers I put together for a coworker’s bridal shower. In total, I only spent a little over $20 for the flowers at Trader Joe’s & used up the jars I had around my home! Also, check out the amazing table decor idea from my coworker Natalie – she did that with ribbons! What a splendid idea! How awesome!

Milk Glass Vases – Cheap & Chic

Milk glass vases are an awesome way to easily decorate or add to a bunch of flowers you want to give someone! There are tons of them easily found in vintage/thrift stores or Good Wills. The best part is, they’re usually around 1-3 dollars!

Whenever I’m at a Good Will, I always purchase at least one. They’re great to fill with tilandansia and moss and decorate around the house!

Or, get a cheap bouquet from Trader Joe’s (they have awesome ones for under $10) and place it in a milk glass vase. It’s an instant way to make a gift of flowers even better!