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Baby Shower Decorations!

Recently I helped my friend Shilpy Holden decorate for her baby shower. She wanted a theme of fuschia & teal to accent the party to welcome her baby girl. Paper poms seem to be the must-have trend for any party and luckily, they’re super easy and affordable to make! Here is an easy video that shows you how! All you need is tissue paper. Target & Walgreens both surprisingly have an amazing array of colors, so it’s not like you have to treck to a craft store to get them. The video instructs using 8 sheets, but I found that using 6 works just as fine!

We also decorated using baby pictures of Shilpy and her hubby Troy. She pasted them on teal & fuschia paper & we strung them up on twine with clothes pins!


I also made party favor bags for her using a mini popcorn bag template which I originally found on this very cute blog – Sweet Little Parties. If ever you need to make a mini treat bag, you should definitely check out the instructions on this blog. I took the original template, changed the reds to fuschia & changed the “popcorn” to a giraffe graphic (Shilpy loves giraffes 🙂 ). Get my revised giraffe template version here.  After printing it out on regular 8×11 paper, I cut the top with special craft scissors to give it a scalloped pattern. I followed the instructions for the original popcorn bag to assemble and boom – instant customized party favor bag!

And here is a picture of Shilpy’s first daughter Chumpy. I had to include her on this post, though it’s random, because she’s just THAT cute. 🙂